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Negligent Beauty Salons
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Claiming Compensation For Accidents At The Beauty Salon

Legal Advice On Beauty Salon Accidents

In the Summer months many British women will be looking forward to beach holidays in the sun. Visits to the local beautician at this time of year are common, and the most popular single procedure is the bikini wax. Any part of the body can have hair removed from it, but bikini waxing, along with its sister procedure, the Brazilian wax are currently the most sought-after beautician services. A high quality, properly performed bikini wax only lasts around half an hour, and guarantees up to 8 weeks freedom from hair growth in sensitive parts of the lower body.

Over time bikini waxing can result in permanently reduced hair in these areas. The problem a minority of women encounter is that waxing treatments have inherent dangers. Firstly the areas of skin that are treated are among the most sensitive on the body, and are therefore easily susceptible to damage. Secondly the hot wax used during these treatments can cause injuries such as burns, cuts and infections if it is poorly applied, handled incorrectly or spilled on the body.

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The Importance Of Training & Skin Patch Tests

It is essential that both bikini and Brazilian wax treatments are carried out by fully trained, competent and experienced professionals. The vast majority of compensation claims in this area stem from negligence on the part of unqualified staff and practitioners. One of the most typical errors that staff make is when they fail to perform a patch test on the skin to check for any potential adverse reaction to the wax. Waxing treatments in these circumstances may cause burns, blistering, rashes and infections in delicate, painful areas. Wax may also be spilled on to surrounding areas of skin, causing similar injuries.

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Skin Damage From Bikini Waxing

One issue for beauticians is that different types of wax must be heated to different temperatures. Often staff will fail to achieve the required temperature, and damage to the skin is then caused on application. Perhaps the most common waxing injury is where a beautician removes the strips too early, or too quickly, causing the skin to tear and bleed. When skin is damaged in this manner it is also liable to future infection and other nasty side-effects such as in growing hairs. Injuries of this kind are traumatic in themselves and may also involve consequences, such including ongoing emotional suffering and loss of sexual desire. Holidays will be ruined by improperly performed bikini wax treatments, apart from the sheer pain and irritation that such injuries cause.

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The Dangers Of Brazilian Waxing

Brazilian waxing injury claims are especially common due to the complex nature of the procedure, and the sensitivity of the body regions which may be damaged. Brazilian wax treatments aim to achieve more complete hair removal from genital areas and the inner thigh. The term itself reflects the tiny bikini bottoms so prevalent on Brazilian beaches. The procedure became popular in the UK from the early 1990's and coincided with rapid growth in both the number of women seeking beauty treatments, and the beauticians set up to serve them.

As the industry has matured, prices have fallen, making regular treatments accessible to a greater number of people. Inevitably many practitioners of Brazilian wax treatments are both unqualified and inexperienced when performing such a complicated beauty treatment. Beauticians offering Brazilian wax treatments must be fully trained professionals whether they are working by hand or using laser equipment. Typical errors on the part of beauty salon employees include failing to check the temperature of the wax prior to application, and failing to observe strict hygiene requirements designed to reduce the risk of infection.

We have recently dealt with cases in which both bikini and Brazilian waxes have gone disastrously wrong for clients. In the resulting compensation claims we have recovered damages for pain and suffering, as well as medical and travel expenses and loss of earnings for time off work. Compensation awards for pain and suffering alone may be in excess of £3,000.

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How Popular Is Waxing?

The popularity of intimate beauty waxing has continued to grow in recent years, with various surveys indicating that somewhere between 50 and 75% of British women groom the hair in their bikini region regularly. In 2015, the magazine AskMen combined with The Huffington Post to carry out a survey on male attitudes to female pubic hair. 41% of more than 5,000 respondents preferred women having no pubic hair at all, while 38% favoured pubic hair as long as it is ‘trimmed’. As The Huffington Post pointed out, women don’t necessarily care about what men think regarding their personal grooming preferences, but the results are still indicative of why Brazilian and bikini waxes have become such in-demand beauty treatments with eight out of ten men preferring either one or the other. Interestingly this figure seems to more or less correspond with the number of women in the UK and US who groom their bikini regions on a routine basis.