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How Our Client's Waxing Treatment Turned Into A Disaster Story

Women visiting beauty salons expect to be pampered in luxurious surroundings, and to emerge looking and feeling great. However, this is not always the case. A recent client of ours, Ms C made an appointment at a beauty salon for a facial waxing treatment on the recommendation of a friend. The beautician failed to carry out a skin patch test on Ms C, despite her informing them that it was her first waxing treatment. A properly conducted skin patch test would have shown that Ms C was in danger of being burnt by the hot wax due to her darker skin type.

Hot Wax Spilt Onto Her Forehead Left A Scar

During the waxing treatment, the beautician accidentally spilled a small bit of hot wax onto Ms C’s forehead, burning a patch of skin. The wax was removed and the beauty salon’s manager gave her some aloe vera gel to soothe the pain. However, the next day Ms C was still in a lot of pain, and the area of skin on her forehead was red and began to blister. Ms C was forced to see her local GP, who treated the burn and prescribed pain-killing medication, but also advised that her skin type was particularly susceptible to being burnt by hot wax, and that she was likely to be scarred by the burn for the next two or three months.

The Waxing Injury Resulted In Her Being Unable To Return To Work

Ms C worked in public relations, regularly meeting clients face to face, and because of this her appearance was very important to her. She felt too embarrassed to return to work for two weeks, and missed several special occasions over the following three months due to her injury. Ms C was angry and upset, especially because the beauty salon offered her nothing more than a refund on her waxing treatment. She decided to seek legal advice, and contacted Bartletts Solicitors via the Beauty Treatment Solicitors website.

She Received Compensation For The Injury And Earnings Loss

We went on the represent Ms C in a no win no fee compensation claim against the beauty salon where her waxing treatment was carried out. We wrote to the salon’s owners, stating that the beautician in question had acted negligently in spilling the hot wax on our client’s forehead. A medical report confirmed the extent of Ms C’s injury, and the scarring that it caused. After a few months of correspondence we were able to win an admission of liability from the beauty salon’s insurers, and Ms C later received a cheque for £3,250. She was also awarded a further sum for her loss of earnings due to her time off work.

Skin Patch Testing Facts

Beauty therapists should always perform a skin patch test where a treatment requires it before carrying out a procedure, even if a client says it is unnecessary or does not want it for whatever reason.

The skin patch test should be performed at least 24 hours before treating a client (or 48 hours for clients with certain pre-existing medical conditions).

There are specific guidelines for retesting clients based on changes in their medical history, hormonal changes, the elapse of 12 months since their last treatment, or changes in the preparation of the treatment.

Beauty therapists must always follow the particular manufacturer’s guidelines regarding preparation, application, and frequency when carrying out a skin patch test.

Clients must sign a consultation form (or record card) following a skin patch test acknowledging that the test has been carried out and that they are happy to proceed with a treatment.

Beauty therapists must provide appropriate aftercare instructions to clients, and the fact that this has been provided must be recorded on a client’s consultation form.

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