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Compensation For Burns & Torn Skin From Beauty Waxing

Legal Advice On Botched Nipple Waxing

Beauty waxing is one of the most delicate and sensitive procedures that beauty salons offer. A poorly performed waxing treatment carried out on sensitive areas of skin is likely to prove extremely painful and equally distressing. The skin is particularly thin in areas that are typically waxed, and is therefore easily torn and damaged. Waxing is a perfect example of a beauty treatment that requires precision and skill to perform. Too often however poorly trained, inexperienced or simply incompetent beauticians make mistakes during waxing treatments and injure their clients.

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Injuries may be the result of human error on the part of the beauty technician, such as when waxing strips are removed too forcefully, or where hot wax is spilled on the skin causing burns. The beauty salon itself may also be at fault if a client experiences an adverse reaction to the wax itself. In whichever case, a negligently performed beauty waxing procedure can have extremely negative physical and emotional repercussions for an injured person.

Nipple Waxing - Errors During Treatment

Both hot and cold wax may be used for nipple waxing treatments, though most salons prefer hot. Waxing strips are applied to the areola, and when pulled off they remove hairs by the root. Waxing is less painful than other nipple hair removal methods such as plucking, and easier to perform. Despite this, small errors on the part of the beauty technician may have severe consequences. Excessive use of force when removing the waxing strips may tear the skin, causing bleeding and potentially scarring. Scarring around the nipple in some cases may require invasive cosmetic surgery to correct, and even this may be impossible. In these circumstances an injured person is likely to suffer profound emotional distress, apart from physical pain and suffering. Relationships may be affected by this type of sensitive injury, and loss of sexual desire is a common side effect. Feelings of deformity may also cause extreme stress and depression. When these factors are considered it is natural that an injured person will be entitled to seek compensation from a beauty salon. Compensation will be paid out under the salon's compulsory public liability insurance policy.

Nipple Waxing - Burns & Allergic Reactions

The most common type of waxing injury in general is burns caused by spilled or over-heated wax. Hot wax may also be left on the skin for too long with a similar result. Different waxing products need heating to different temperatures, and often inexperienced, poorly trained, or simply inattentive staff at beauty salons fail to achieve the required temperature. Burn injuries to the areola and nipple may lead to rashes and blistering. The skin may be permanently damaged, and again require corrective surgery. Burns are particularly sensitive to infections, which if left untreated can cause a host of further problems. Ingrowing hairs are another common issue following burn injuries from hot wax. There is also the possibility that a client will experience an allergic reaction to waxing products. This can be extremely serious, and even necesitate emergency hospital treatment. For this reason beauty salons must conduct a skin patch test on new clients 24-48 hours before a waxing treatment is due to be carried out. This should identify any potential sensitivities and adverse reactions.

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Legal Rights Of Beauty Salon Customers

Nipple waxing clients have a legal right to expect that their treatment will be carried out in a reasonably competent manner, by an experienced, fully trained beauty technician. Removing waxing strips too early, leaving them on the skin for too long, applying them in the wrong position, or failing to remove hair in the direction of its growth may all cause injuries, and this may legally be classified as negligence on the part of the beauty salon and its staff. Compensation awards will reflect pain and suffering, both physical and emotional, which may be ongoing. The cost of corrective surgery, and any other financial outlay caused by an injury will also be awarded as 'special' damages. Injured persons may sustain financial losses through having to take a period of time off work, and this will also be taken into account when calculating compensation. Successful compensation claims have the additional benefit of driving up standards across the beauty treatment industry. Contact one of our specialist female solicitors today for free, confidential advice if you have been injured by a nipple waxing treatment at a beauty salon.

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