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Negligent Laser Treatments
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Botox Treatment Injury Compensation Claims

Injured By Botox Injections

The number is botox treatments carried out in the UK broke through the one million mark in 2010, the culmination of a rapid and well publicised ascent in popularity over the past decade. Botox injections are particularly sought after by younger people, as an effective way to eliminate signs of ageing without resorting to a full surgical facelift. Botox treatments are extremely convenient, taking around 15 minutes to perform with little or no after-effects. Botox works by relaxing facial muscles and effectively paralysing them, making skin appear smoother and free of the fine lines that are visible when muscles contract. Botox is commonly deployed to combat laughter lines around the eyes, and wrinkes in other facial areas. It only provides a temporary solution to these ageing issues however, and many people therefore undergo multiple treatments each year.

Botox is derived from the highly poisonous botulinum toxin type A. It is estimated that just one teaspoon of this bacteria could kill 90 billion people, and for this reason botox only contains miniscule quantities. This means that botox treatments have to be extremely accurate, both in terms of where the botox is injected and the quantity and quality of the botox itself. Experts have recently highlighted the fact that beauticians and hairdressers can now take half day courses on how to administer botox injections, and will often practice on pieces of fruit. This is obviously inadequate preparation for performing such a delicate treatment on humans, as professionals need detailed knowledge of the facial anatomy to be able to administer botox effectively. It also means that botox treatments are being carried out in any number of locations which may lack the basic hygiene or back-up medical support to protect the welfare of patients.

While negative side-effects from botox treatments are rare, much depends on the skill of the practitioner. Problems may occur if the botulinum toxin moves from the injection site to other areas such as the esophagus (the tube connecting the mouth with the stomach) or the brain. In the former case this can cause difficulties with swallowing and breathing, as partial paralysis sets in. In the latter scenario the toxin may damage the central nervous system and prevent the brain from releasing essential chemicals. Though botox breaks down in the body over time, it may also have serious temporary consequences for patients if either the dosage or injection site are inaccurate. These can include loss of facial movement or disfiguring effects such as drooping eyelids, raised eyebrows and asymmetry of the lips. Botox injections may also cause infections if they are not administered in a sterlised environment.

Legal Responsibilities of Botox Treatment Clinics

Those offering botox injections should undertake a medical consultation with prospective patients before a treatment is carried out. Botox is unsuitable for pregant women for example, and for those who are breast feeding. It is also important to identify any allergies which might induce a negative reaction to botox. Unfortunately lack of regulation in the UK beauty services sector means that many clinics bypass such precautions. Customers for botox should expect that their treatment will be carried out in a competent manner by a skilled professional. Anything less will amount to clinical negligence. Those injured by botox injections should consult a firm of solicitors with a track record in handling compensation claims in this relatively new area of law. Our specialist female solicitors will be happy to offer free advice on how to proceed if you have been injured by a botox treatment.

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