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Nicola Perry has been a solicitor for 13 years. She has a great deal of experience in beauty treatment injuries. Nicola recently had an article on hairdressing injuries published in the specialist personal injury law journal 'PIBU'.

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Eyelash Tinting Injury Compensation Claims

Eyelash Tinting Gone Wrong

Eyelash tinting is a beauty treatment which involves dyeing the lashes with a solution composed of colouring mixed with hydrogen peroxide. The procedure takes only 15 minutes and lasts for around 6 weeks on average. The popularity of eyelash tinting is due to the fact that it achieves an effect similar to mascara, without the need for regular reapplication. Tinting cannot be washed out by water or tears, making it perfect for beach holidays and weddings. Eyelash tinting is not risk-free however, and it is worth noting that the colour additives used in tinting are effectively illegal in the USA.

Those considering an eyelash tinting beauty treatment should have a consultation with their therapist and take a skin patch test 24-48 hours prior to the treatment taking place. A consultation should identify any medications or medical conditions which may adversely affect the outcome of the treatment. A contagious eye condition such as conjunctivitis for example would render eyelash tinting unsuitable for an individual.

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A skin patch test should involve a tiny amount of the tinting solution being applied to the inner forearm or behind the ear, areas of skin which are the most similar to the skin around the eyes. The aim of the patch test is to identify any possible allergic reactions to chemicals such as colour additives used in eyelash tinting solutions. Even if a client has had their eyelashes tinted within the past 6 months a test should still be carried out, as different products contain different chemical formulations.

Typical Eyelash Tinting Injuries:

Inflammation, Burning Sensation, Swelling and Itchiness
Corneal Abrasions, Chemical Burns and Infections
Blurred Vision, Temporary or Permanent Blindness

There is also considerable scope for human error during eyelash tinting treatments. Even a small drop of eyelash tint spilled in the eye will cause pain, a burning sensation and blurred vision. Therapists should advise clients to keep their eyes firmly closed during the treatment, and apply a cotton shield under the eye to capture any drips. Clients should also remove any make up and contact lenses before the treatment is carried out. It is also essential that the therapist removes any excess dye and thoroughly rinses the eyelashes following the procedure.

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Allergic Reactions To PPD In Eyelash Tints

By far the most dangerous ingredient contained in eyelash tinting products is para-phenylenediamine (PPD), a known contact allergen, and the same chemical that causes the vast majority of allergic reactions to hair dye that are regularly reported in the press. Most dark shade eyelash tints contain PPD, and beauty therapists and eyelash technicians should be well aware of the danger of allergic reactions to tints containing this chemical substance. Research suggests that somewhere between 2% and 14% of people may become allergic to PPD, and the medical consequences of an adverse reaction are unpredictable.

Two symptoms of an allergic reaction to PPD contained in eyelash tinting products are conjunctivitis, where the eye itself becomes painful and inflamed for an extended period, and dermatitis, a condition similar to eczema, where the skin around the eyes can become red, itchy, cracked and blistered. In more serious cases, a person’s face may swell up, their eyelids may close completely, and they may develop breathing problems. In such cases, immediate medical attention will be necessary due to the risk of potentially fatal anaphylactic shock.

Though eyelash tinting is a generally safe beauty treatment when performed by an experienced professional therapist, it can also cause severe injuries if the correct pre-treatment tests have not taken place, or if the tinting is carried out in a negligent manner. Beauty salon clients have a legal right to expect that their treatments will be performed in a reasonably competent manner. Where this has not been the case and injuries have been sustained, specialist legal advice from solicitors with experience of these types of cases will help an injured person decide whether a claim for compensation should be pursued.

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