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Negligent Laser Treatments
Nicola Perry has been a solicitor for 13 years. She has a great deal of experience in cosmetic treatment injuries. Nicola recently (January 2015) had an article on hairdressing injuries published in the specialist personal injury law journal 'PIBU'.

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Male Cosmetic Surgery Compensation Claims

Man Injured At Cosmetic Clinic

Men between the ages of 20 and 40 are the fastest growing demographic for cosmetic surgical procedures in the UK according to recent surveys, with year on year growth of over 20%. A number of factors explain the growing popularity of cosmetic surgery among men, principally increased social acceptance following the rise of the 'metrosexual' male during the 1990's. Some of the UK's most popular male entertainment stars including Simon Cowell, Louis Walsh and Gordon Ramsay have blazed a trail for cosmetic procedures which others now follow.

Competition in the jobs market has also provided an incentive for men to embrace surgical enhancement. Especially in business, men are increasingly encouraged to rely on their loooks. These are also the people who have the money to spend on altering their appearance. As Rajiv Grover of the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons comments: 'Not only are men, especially those in high-powered jobs, expected to be eternally youthful in terms of stamina and dynamism, but they are increasingly judged on their looks.' A recent study by the British Medical Journal meanwhile has found that the number of men concerned about their appearance has tripled over the last 25 years, and now approaches the same level as that found among women.

The three most popular cosmetic procedures among men during 2010 were hair transplants, ear reshaping and liposuction, according to data from the Hospital Group. They record a 49% increase in the amount of men interested in hair transplants since 2009, while ear reshaping and liposuction procedures rose by a staggering 92% and 117% respectively over the same period. Liposuction is in particular demand among men due its effectiveness in combating two defining signs of middle age, commonly referred to as 'love handles' and 'moobs'. Male breast reduction is particularly popular, and can be supplemented by chest enlargement, where silicone implants can create artifically defined pectoral muscles. Implants can effectively reshape other areas of the body including the cheeks, chin, calf muscles and buttocks. Nose jobs (rhinoplasty) and botox injections are two other increasingly popular procedures among men.

Legal Responsibilities of Cosmetic Surgery Clinics

As more and more males opt for surgical enhancement in the UK, so inevitably the number of botched operations inexorably rises. Much of this is due to the unregulated nature of the cosmetic surgery market in Britain, and fierce competition within the sector. Surgeons often lack sufficient experience in particular procedures, or are motivated by the pursuit of profit to cut corners in terms of patient care and create unrealistic expectations as to what surgery will achieve. Apart from various medical complications which may result from invasive surgical procedures, patients may require expensive corrective surgery to put right unsatisfactory or asymmetrical physical results. Patients have a legal right to expect that their cosmetic procedure will be performed in a reasonably competent manner by a skilled surgeon. Where this has not been the case an injured person should contact a specialist solicitor for advice about making a claim for compensation against their clinic or surgeon.

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