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Nicola Perry has been a solicitor for 13 years. She has a great deal of experience in beauty treatment injuries. Nicola recently had an article on hairdressing injuries published in the specialist personal injury law journal 'PIBU'.

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Claiming Compensation For Bikini Waxing That Has Gone Wrong

Bikini waxing involves the application of wax, and hair removal at the root, in and around the pubic region. Its popularity as a beauty treatment is based on three factors. Firstly, it is a relatively quick and simple procedure (roughly half an hour) when carried out by a competent, trained beautician. Secondly, unlike shaving and other removal methods, hairs will not begin to regrow after a waxing treatment for up to 8 weeks. Thirdly, the treatment can help achieve permanent hair reduction as again, unlike shaving, hairs will grow back softer, finer and more sparsely following bikini wax treatments.

The Basic Bikini Line Wax Is The Safest Option

The least extreme form of bikini waxing is the basic bikini line (or American) wax, aimed at removing pubic hair that would otherwise be visible while wearing a bikini. Many women of all ages will have this regular form of bikini wax carried out in advance of beach holidays. Therefore, our lawyers do not see many women claiming compensation for American waxing injuries. Probably the most popular form of waxing all year round is the Brazilian or French wax, after which a thin or triangular strip of pubic hair is left above the vulva, while the rest of the pubic hair is removed. Hardly surprisingly, compensation claims for French waxing treatments are more common. The other major type is the Hollywood (or full bikini) wax, which removes hair from the entire public area..

Typical Waxing Injuries Include Burns, Ingrown Hairs And Infections

Whichever type of bikini wax a customer chooses, the procedure will inevitably be delicate, due the sensitivity of skin in the pubic region. Burns may be caused by a beautician applying wax that has been heated to too high a temperature, otherwise hot wax may be spilled onto the skin. The result in both cases can be damaged skin, pain, irritation, blistering, temporary scarring, and the possibility of ongoing problems, including ingrown pubic hair and infections of varying severity. A person may also suffer an allergic reaction to wax ingredients, and for this reason salons must always carry out skin patch tests on new clients.

More Serious Waxing Injuries Include Cuts And Torn Skin

The other main injury type caused by bikini waxing is tearing and cuts to the skin. This is most often due to a beautician removing waxing strips without supporting and pulling tight the surrounding loose skin properly, or else removing strips at the wrong angle (i.e. not parallel to the body). Tears can cause profuse bleeding, potentially requiring stitches, and damage to hair follicles. An injured person will be likely to feel embarrassed and humiliated in these circumstances, and may also have a forthcoming holiday effectively ruined. These factors will be taken into consideration when calculating the size of a compensation award.

We Are Solicitors Offering Advice On Bikini Waxing Treatments

Beauty salons are expected to perform bikini waxing treatments in a reasonably competent manner, and if a client is injured due to a beautician’s error there will be strong grounds for making a compensation claim against them. Contact our specialist team of female solicitors today for free, confidential and sympathetic legal advice on bikini waxing injuries.

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