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Negligent Beauty Salons
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Claiming Compensation For A Brazilian Waxing Injury

The Brazilian (also known as the French) wax is popular among women who wear thong bikinis, and involves the removal of all hair in the pubic area, as well as in between the legs and buttocks, leaving a triangular patch or thin strip of hair above the vulva, often referred to as a landing strip. This intimate form of bikini waxing is performed on skin around the vagina that is especially fragile and prone to damage. The skill and experience of the waxing technician are therefore critical considerations for women intending to have a Brazilian waxing treatment carried out.

Beauticians Lacking Experience Cause Burns, Cuts And Infections

Burns, cuts and infections can all be caused by Brazilian waxes. A technician may overheat a waxing product, causing burns when it is applied to the skin, or may accidentally spill hot wax onto sensitive areas of skin, with the same result. The skin may also be torn if the waxing strips are removed at an incorrect angle, too early, or using too much force. Most often, a beautician will fail to keep their customer’s skin taught when removing the strips, causing the loose skin to tear. Where bleeding is profuse, hospital attention and even sutures in the wound may be necessary.

Brazilian Waxing Requires The Highest Hygiene Standards

Burned and torn skin in the vaginal region may become infected if it is not properly treated, otherwise infections may be caused by generally poor hygiene standards at a beauty salon. Waxing technicians must wear protective gloves when carrying out treatments, and must also ensure that wax applicators and strips are never reused on different clients. The most common infection caused by waxing is folliculitis, where hair follicles and surrounding skin are infected, resulting in an outbreak of small, itchy and painful red bumps in the affected area.

Should A Skin Patch Test Be Performed Before A Brazilian Wax?

Yes. Allergic reactions to waxing products are another risk facing beauty treatment customers, and salons may be found to have acted negligently if they do not carry out skin patch tests to check for allergies, and determine the likelihood of an adverse skin reaction, particularly on new customers. A patch test normally involves a small portion of wax being applied to the upper thigh, at least 24 hours before a Brazilian waxing appointment, with the results determining whether or not a waxing procedure is suitable for an individual’s skin sensitivity.

Solicitors Suing Therapists For Brazilian Waxing Accidents

If you have been injured by a beauty waxing treatment, you can speak to our specialist female solicitors in the strictest confidence who will be able to advise on whether you have grounds for a claim, and if so how much compensation you are likely to receive. We represent hundreds of women every year who have been injured at beauty salons through no fault of their own. You are therefore guaranteed to receive both the most efficient and reliable service, and the maximum amount of compensation for your injury.

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