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Negligent Beauty Salons
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Eyebrow Waxing Injuries Are Serious As They Are Near The Eyes

Eyebrow Waxing Injury Compensation

Eyebrow waxing is a quick, cheap and effective beauty treatment, with longer-lasting results than alternative hair removal methods. A minority of women however are injured by eyebrow waxing procedures every year, mainly due to the combination of hot wax, and the sensitive areas of skin that the treatment targets. Lack of training, inexperience and inattention are the major reasons why beauticians make errors, and women end up injured, and often disfigured for a lengthy period, by botched eyebrow waxing treatments. Where negligence of this kind has caused an injury it will often be possible to claim compensation from the salon.

Our Lawyers Are Often Contacted About Eyebrow Waxing Burns

Burns may result if a beauty technician heats a waxing product to too high a temperature before applying it, or if they spill hot wax onto a client’s skin. Areas of skin above and below the eyes are loose, delicate and easy to damage. Even a small drop of wax can burn an eyelid and leave a prominent mark, while over-heated wax applied across the eyebrow region can leave the skin painful, swollen, blistered and scarred. The skin may also be torn, if waxing strips are removed too firmly, too early on, or against the direction of the growth. With this in mind, beauticians should always make sure that clients’ skin is pulled sufficiently tight before the strips are removed.

We Have Also Claimed For Allergic Reactions To Eyebrow Wax

In other instances, skin damage and other adverse effects from eyebrow waxing can be symptoms of an allergic reaction to artificial colours, fragrances and ingredients, contained in a particular waxing product. The wide variety of products in use at salons makes it difficult to enforce safety standards across the beauty industry. A medical consultation and skin patch test, carried out at least 48 hours before a waxing appointment, is an important responsibility for beauticians, and should identify pre-existing allergies and other contraindications, as well as assess an individual’s skin sensitivity, and hence the type and temperature of the wax that can safely be used.

Other Injuries Include Cuts & Torn Skin From Eyebrow Waxing

Burns, cuts, torn skin, marks and scars from poorly performed eyebrow waxing treatments regularly take months to heal, often to the serious detriment of a person’s physical appearance in the meantime. Loss of earnings due to time off work and the emotional distress caused by a disfiguring injury will all be taken into consideration for the purposes of calculating how much compensation can be claimed from a negligent beauty salon, along with the extent of the physical damage done, and how long the injuries take to fully heal.

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The Potential Dangers Of High Definition (HD) Brows

The recent celebrity inspired trend for thick eyebrows and eyebrow shaping means that HD brows treatments have become one of the most popular procedures at beauty salons. Eyebrows are threaded, waxed and tinted during an HD brows treatment, leaving them looking fuller and sculpted. One of the main problems with HD brows treatments is the variety of products available. Salons sometimes use HD brows products that they are not affiliated with, meaning that staff may not properly trained in how to use them safely. The fact that HD brow treatments involve 3 separate stages, each of which can be dangerous in its own right, heightens the risk of something going wrong.

In July 2015, it was reported that a teenager had been hospitalised and potentially left scarred for life following an HD treatment on her eyebrows. She was hospitalised 3 days after the procedure, having experienced a severe allergic reaction that left her eyes swollen shut, her eyebrow area infected, and caused her eyebrow hairs to fall out. The standard skin patch test had been carried out two days before the treatment and no possibility of an adverse reaction was detected. The teeager’s case emphasises the fact that people should approach HD brows treatments with caution, as both the beauty salon and product supplier could not explain why the treatment had caused such disastrous results.

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