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Negligent Hairdressing Treatments
Sian Taylor is a personal injury lawyer who has been with the firm since 2001. Sian currently (2017) represents over 100 clients who have been injured due to hairdressing or beauty treatment negligence.

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Compensation For Scalp Expansion Procedure Gone Wrong

Baldness Treatment Injury

Scalp expansion is a relatively fast and effective method of surgically restoring hair in bald areas, however, when the procedure is poorly performed by an inexperienced surgeon, or when the patient's skin is unsuitable for scalp expansion, the results can be devastating. Generally speaking, scalp expansion patients have a legal right to expect that the surgical procedures involved will be carried out in a competent manner. When a procedure is botched due to a surgeon or clinic's negligence, a compensation claim against them will often be possible.

How Scalp Expansion Procedures Are Supposed To Work

When a patient undergoes a scalp expansion procedure, silicone balloons (otherwise known 'tissue expanders') are implanted underneath areas of healthy hair growth on the scalp and injected with saline, applying pressure which causes scalp tissue to expand over several months, in the same way that a pregnant woman's skin stretches during pregnancy. As new skin cells grow and the scalp stretches, the bald tissue becomes more elastic, making it easier to remove surgically and replace with hair-bearing skin, a procedure known as scalp reduction.

Surgical Risks Of Scalp Expansion Procedures

Two surgical procedures are therefore necessary for scalp expansion to be carried out successfully, one to insert the silicone balloons, and one to remove both the balloons and the bald skin tissue. The risks involved include temporary deformity, when the head is misshapen for an extended period by the silicone balloons, long-term chronic pain, postoperative bleeding, and the possibility of wound infection. Costly scalp expansion procedures may also fail to achieve hair restoration, and this will often be due to errors on the part of a surgeon or clinic.

Compensation For Scarring From Scalp Expansion

A poorly performed scalp expansion procedure can leave a patient with prominent postoperative scarring on the top of their head, and this may have a substantially negative impact on a person's confidence and self esteem, causing a host of associated psychological problems in the future. Apart from poorly performed scalp expansion surgery, our female solicitors can also advise on botched scalp reduction, scalp flap and scalp lift surgical procedures. Contact our specialist team in the strictest confidence for free and reliable legal advice.

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