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Negligent Hairdressing Treatments
Sian Taylor is a personal injury lawyer who has been with the firm since 2001. Sian currently (2017) represents over 100 clients who have been injured due to hairdressing or beauty treatment negligence.

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Compensation For Cuts & Infections From Careless Hair Stylists

Hair Salon Cuts & Infections

Being cut during a visit to the hairdresser is a deeply distressing experience, especially where scissors slice deep and cause copious bleeding. Leaving the hairdresser with a prominent plaster or a blood-stained shirt is unpleasant in any situation. Cutting a client is probably the worst nightmare of all hair stylists, whether trainees or long-established professionals. Most injuries of this kind can be dismissed as simple accidents, especially where the salon waives the cost of the haircut or offers a client vouchers for future services. In other cases a person may require hospital treatment and be left permanently scarred after being cut.

Cuts Requiring Hospital Treatment

Each individual case of being cut at the hairdresser is different and involves its own unique problems and sensitivities. We have represented clients who have still been bleeding from wounds hours later, a scenario that is particularly worrying for parents when the injured person is a child. Others have been forced to seek emergency medical attention, and have been left with deep scars requiring skin graft surgery. Regular hospital treatment will involve the application of a gauze pad over the cut to stem the flow of blood. There is also always the risk of infections developing in open wounds such as cuts, and a person will often require a tetanus injection to guard against this.

Cuts To The Ears & Moles

The top of the ear and the ear lobe are the areas most regularly cut by inexperienced or inattentive hairdressers. Nicks to the ear can cause heavy bleeding, and can be difficult to cover with a plaster or dressing, especially where the scissors slip and cut between the ear and the side of the head. Other hairdressing treatments such as weaving can also cause cuts to the scalp if performed incorrectly. One the worst types of cut is when the scissors or razor slice into or through a mole. This is likely to cause protracted bleeding (moles have good blood supply), and the wound may need to be cauterised to stem the flow of blood. Otherwise the mole may need to be surgically removed in hospital.

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What Causes Cuts At Hair Salons?

Too often the enviornment at hairdressing salons in the UK does not encourage concentration or attention to detail on the part of stylists and staff. We have experience of cases where stylists have been either talking on the phone or watching the salon television while cutting hair. Obviously neither is appropriate behaviour when working with sharp scissors. Salon staff often chatter among themselves during treatments and distract each other. This is unacceptable at excessive levels when its is putting clients health and safety at risk. Otherwise a stylist may rush a haircut if there is a backlog of customers waiting. Essentially therefore lack of attention and working too fast are the two principle causes of cuts at the hairdresser.

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Legal Rights Of Hair Salons Customers

Customers at hair salons should expect to be in the hands of competent, trained professionals, who will perform the services they offer to the standard that would be expected of a fellow professional in their field. Hair salons hold public liability insurance to protect them from compensation claims filed on behalf of injured clients. Damages may include an award for pain and suffering, as well the financial losses caused by an injury. Contact our specialist female solicitors today for free confidential advice if you have been cut during a hair salon treatment.

What To Do When A Hairdresser Damages Your Hair

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