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Negligent Laser Treatments
Nicola Perry has been a solicitor for 13 years. She has a great deal of experience in laser treatment injuries. Nicola recently had an article on hairdressing injuries published in the specialist personal injury law journal 'PIBU'.

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Compensation For Man Burnt By A CO2 Laser

Case Study - Carbon Dioxide Laser Damages Skin

Mr D underwent two carbon dioxide laser (CO2 laser) skin resurfacing procedures, in an attempt to remove acne scars which had plagued him since his youth. Mr D was unhappy following his first laser treatment, as he felt it that it had not reduced his scarring as much as he had expected. During the second procedure, the laser technician decided to raise the laser’s settings, and the intensity of the beam, in an attempt to achieve better results. Immediately afterwards Mr D felt a tingling and burning sensation all over his face. The clinic where the procedure took place told him this was normal, and provided him with aloe vera gel to soothe his skin. The next day however, Mr D’s had visible burn marks across both his cheeks. He saw his GP who prescribed a stronger burn treatment cream, but Mr D was left effectively disfigured for the next 8 weeks, and experienced considerable pain and discomfort during that time.

Our Legal Advice

Mr D later contacted Bartletts Solicitors having read about our experience in successfully claiming compensation for clients burnt during laser treatments. We agreed to represent him, and wrote to the laser clinic’s owners, pointing out that the operator should not have increased the intensity of the laser second time round, as the original settings (during Mr D’s first treatment) had been calculated based on the results of a skin patch test, and as such, any increase was likely to prove dangerous given Mr D’s individual skin characteristics. The second treatment had not been carried out in a reasonably competent manner, and the clinic itself was therefore to blame for Mr D’s burn injuries. Liability was accepted by the clinic’s insurers relatively quickly in this case, and our client later received £3,750 in compensation.

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