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Nicola Perry has been a solicitor for 13 years. She has a great deal of experience in beauty treatment injuries. Nicola recently had an article on hairdressing injuries published in the specialist personal injury law journal 'PIBU'.

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Lady Sues For Injuries From An Eyebrow Threading Treatment

Case Study - Eyebrows Damaged By Threading

Ms T booked an appointment for an eyebrow threading treatment at a new beauty salon in her local town, that a friend had recommended. She was attended to by a young beautician, who it later turned out, had very limited knowledge of eyebrow threading techniques. Ms T was left with mismatched, uneven eyebrows following the treatment, and also suffered five separate scratches and cuts, where the sharp thread had pierced her skin. Ms T was deeply upset and humiliated by the incident, and the lack of response from the beauty salon after she had complained. She had booked the appointment as a treat in advance of her cousin’s wedding, which she was ultimately forced to miss due to self-consciousness over her appearance.

Our Legal Advice

We agreed to represent Ms T on a no win no fee basis in a claim against the beauty salon, and contacted them, stating that Ms T’s injuries were a direct result of their failure to use reasonable care and skill when carrying out her eyebrow threading procedure. The lacerations and damage to Ms T’s skin were either caused by the beautician threading the hair too quickly, or applying to much pressure to the delicate skin in the process. The salon was at fault for allowing the beautician to carry out a procedure for which she lacked the necessary qualifications and experience. After a few weeks of correspondence, the beauty salon’s insurers accepted liability for Ms T’s injuries, and she later received £2,700 in compensation.

Eyebrow Threading - Poor Hygiene Can Cause Infections

Other than simple human errors, as described above, one of the main concerns about eyebrow threading treatments is poor sanitation and lack of hygiene at beauty salons offering the procedure, and the possibility of clients contracting infections as a result. Bacteria may enter the body through broken skin, and this can potentially lead to staph infections and even contraction of the herpes virus. When the thread is twisted to remove hairs, small breaks in the skin may appear, and these can provide an entry point for bacteria.

Threads should always be sterilised prior to use, and should never be reused on different customers. It is also essential that beauticians wash their hands thoroughly before carrying out eyebrow threading treatments. Eyebrow brushes should be cleaned regularly and scissors must also be properly sterilised. Eyebrow threading only take a few minutes, and therefore for best advice for prospective clients is to watch a beautician carrying out a treatment, and observe their technique and hygiene procedures, before committing to undergo the procedure.

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