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Negligent Laser Treatments
Nicola Perry has been a solicitor for 13 years. She has a great deal of experience in cosmetic treatment injuries. Nicola recently had an article on hairdressing injuries published in the specialist personal injury law journal 'PIBU'.

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Cosmetic Surgery Lawyers Offering Legal Advice

Recording almost 100,000 customers last year, the UK cosmetic surgery industry has continued to expand rapidly despite adverse economic conditions. Cosmetic surgery now has an aura of respectability which would have been unthinkable for the previous generation. Prices have fallen while the quality of cosmetic surgical procedures has continued to improve. The shocking issue in the UK is that cosmetic surgery is an unregulated profession, with no official body to enforce industry-wide safety standards. This situation has been roundly criticised by medical professionals.

Many cosmetic clinics lure customers with special offers and pay nothing now credit deals. This makes procedures such as liposuction sound simple, easy and safe, whereas in reality all cosmetic operations involve complicated and precise invasive surgery. One of the most worrying aspects it that around half the cosmetic clinics in the UK lack of experience in performing the surgical procedures they offer. It is essential that the qualifications and expertise of the cosmetic surgeon is the number one priority for potential patients rather than attractive pricing.

Cosmetic clinics should fully inform prospective clients about the dangers of surgery at least 2 weeks prior to a scheduled operation. This allows people time to weight up the pros and cons and make an informed decision as to whether surgery is right for them. The surgeon must be very clear at this stage about what cosmetic surgery will achieve for a particular individual. The clinic should also conduct a comprehensive medical consultation with a patient to identify pre-existing conditions (e.g. diabetes, heart problems), allergies (e.g. bovine collagen, anaesthetic) and medications (e.g. contraceptives) which could adversly effect the outcome of surgery.

Cosmetic Surgery - General Surgical Risks

Scarring and/or disfigurement caused by surgical error
Partial paralysis caused by severed nerves controlling muscles
Negative reaction to anaesthetic or product ingredient
Loss of blood and low blood pressure causing seizure
Haemorrhage and blood clots may require further surgery
'Dead' areas of skin caused by lack of blood supply
Infections caused by unhygienic premises or equipment

Poor Results & The Legal Position

Compensation claims against cosmetic clinics and surgeons are regularly based on the fact that surgery has failed to achieve the desired effect. In these circumstances the surgeon may have given a patient unrealistic expectations of what cosmetic surgery would achieve. Alternatively a surgeon may have created aesthetic or functional damage which requires corrective surgery. This would be the case for example if patients were left with asymmetrical results following breast or facelift surgery. Similarly a surgeon performing rhinoplasty surgery may remove too much cartilage during the operation, and undermine the structure of the nose.

The nature of the cosmetic industry in the UK means that the number of injuries caused by botched cosmetic procedures is on the rise. Like any provider of goods and services to the general public, cosmetic clinics are required by law to act at all times with 'reasonable care and skill'. This means their standards of patient care should be as high as would be expected 'in all reasonable circumstances'. If you have been injured by a botched cosmetic procedure you should contact our specialist beauty injury solicitors who can best advise you on how to proceed.

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