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Negligent Laser Treatments
Nicola Perry has been a solicitor for 13 years. She has a great deal of experience in laser treatment injuries. Nicola recently had an article on hairdressing injuries published in the specialist personal injury law journal 'PIBU'.

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Compensation For Laser Hair And Tattoo Removal Burns

During laser hair and tattoo removal treatments a beam of high intensity light passes through the skin, targeting and destroying hair follicles (the root of each hair) or else breaking down the tattoo ink into smaller particles. With both hair and tattoo removal, patients will usually require a number of sessions to achieve lasting hair reduction or to remove a tattoo entirely. Deregulation of the use of lasers for cosmetic purposes in 2010 has decreased the cost of such treatments, though concerns remain about the quality of some of the laser equipment in use at UK cosmetic clinics and beauty salons.

Any treatment involving high intensity laser beams being directed onto and through the skin has a certain level of risk attached to it. Much depends on the qualifications, skill and experience of the laser technician, as well as the standards of care at the clinic offering the treatment.

Laser Hair And Tattoo Removal Can Cause Serious Burns

Clinics need to offer the appropriate pre and post treatment care to patients, including carrying out a detailed consultation and assessment, to determine the intensity of the laser energy to be used and the number of treatments that an individual will require. It is estimated that up to 2% of laser tattoo removal patients are left with permanent scarring or skin damage following a course of treatment sessions. This is usually either the result of errors on the part of the laser technician (for example setting the laser to the wrong frequency), or due to a pre-treatment assessment inaccurately determining a person's skin type, sensitivity and corresponding reaction to the laser beam.

Case Study: Laser Tattoo Removal Burn Caused Keloid Scar

Skin Discolouration & Pigmentation Changes

Potentially permanent skin discolouration and changes in skin pigmentation are also small but significant risks common to all laser treatments. The treated skin may be lighter than surrounding skin (hypopigmentation), or else darker (hyperpigmentation). Either way, this change may be irreversible, amounting to disfigurement. There is also the risk of infection and light sensitivity following laser hair and tattoo removal treatments, emphasising the importance of clinics offering proper post-treatment advice and care to patients.

Laser Hair And Tattoo Removal Compensation Claims

From a legal point of view, laser hair and tattoo removal patients can expect to have their treatments carried out in a reasonably competent manner, by skilled, experienced professionals. Botched laser treatments may be caused by the negligence of either the laser technician or laser clinic. In either case, it is often possible to claim compensation for the resulting injuries, both physical and emotional, as well as related factors, such as loss of earnings and the cost of corrective cosmetic treatments.

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