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Compensation For Breast Reduction Surgery

Breast Reduction Solicitors

A breast reduction operation, also known as reduction mammaplasty, is a cosmetic procedure carried out on women who are dissatisfied with the appearance of their breasts. This procedure is often the only option for women who suffer from neck, back and shoulder pain caused by their overly large breasts. Apart from being too big, a woman's breasts may be different sizes, with one larger than the other. Surgery in this case would aim to bring both breasts into proportion with one another. 4,959 breast reduction operations were performed in the UK during 2010, a 5.4% increase on the previous year.

Breast Reduction - Consultation With Surgeon

Breast reduction operations are complex cosmetic procedures that involve removing fat, tissue and skin from the breasts, and then reworking them into a smaller size. The nipples also need to be removed and repositioned. Patients are often not properly informed about the risks associated with breast reduction operations, or else are not allowed the recommended 2 week 'cooling off' period following a consultation to make the right decision about whether to proceed with an operation. Lack of information in this context can have distressing consequences. A reduction mammaplasty can permanently damage nerves, making breast-feeding difficult or impossible. There may also be a permanent loss of sensation in the nipples.

Breast Reduction - Surgical Errors

Many of the possible complications associated with breast reduction operations are common to all invasive surgical procedures. These include negative reactions to the anaesthetic used, and post-surgical infections developing in the wound due to poor standards of patient aftercare. Breast reduction mammaplasty can also cause skin death (necrosis) due to lack of blood supply, and this condition needs to be operated on immediately to prevent it spreading. The skin may also be permanently discoloured, and hyperpigmentation may result in dark spots appearing on the breasts if blood vessels have been badly damaged. These types of conditions can result in deformity and loss of self-confidence, as well as physical pain and suffering.

Breast Reduction - Poor Results

The most regular complaint from breast reduction patients is that surgery has failed to match their expectations, or has created asymmetrical results. The breasts may not be the same size following an operation, or the nipples may not be evenly positioned. The texture of the skin may also be uneven or lumpy, and this is also likely to be extremely upsetting for a patient. In cases such as these a person may require expensive revision surgery to correct the mistakes made by the original surgeon. They may need skin grafts, or else may suffer extensive scarring around the breasts. The implications of negligently performed breast reduction surgery can therefore be severe.

Rarer Complications & Legal Rights Of Patients

Rarer breast reduction complications include excessive internal bleeding and the formation of blood clots, which can prove fatal if they move to the heart or lungs. Fluid accumulation under the skin (seroma) can cause deep vein thrombosis in extreme circumstances, as well as heart and lung problems. Damage to nerves may lead to temporary or permanent loss of sensation, and this is usually due to surgical error. Cosmetic surgeons must carry out procedures with reasonable care and skill, to a level that would be expected of a competent fellow-professional. Where this standard is not met, a clinic or surgeon will have failed in the duty of care they owe their patients, and may be liable to pay out compensation.

As with all kinds of cosmetic surgery injuries, it is essential to seek the advice of specialist solicitors if you have been injured by a negligent breast reduction procedure at a clinic. Often compensation claims are based on the failure of the clinic or surgeon to properly manage medical complications that arise. This may mean that a patient has to spend money on corrective surgery, and even this may not be able to repair the damage caused. These kinds of injuries are always sensitive, and normally involve both physical and emotional pain and suffering. Contact our expert female lawyers for free advice today.

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