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Negligent Hairdressing Treatments
Sian Taylor is a personal injury lawyer who has been with the firm since 2001. Sian currently (2017) represents over 100 clients who have been injured due to hairdressing or beauty treatment negligence.

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Men's Hairdressing Claims

Claim For A Hair Colouring Injury

We live in a world today where image is very important. We are surrounded with glossy magazines with celebrities looking very glamorous and a lot of people will aspire to them and wish to copy their look.

It is not only women who are becoming very image conscious, men are too. At one time men did not use beauty products and would not think of going to a hairdresser to have hair cut, opting to go to a local barber.

Increased Popularity Of Hair Dye Among Men

More and more men are choosing to go to a salon to get their hair cut professionally and even more men are also choosing to get their hair coloured. It may be that they choose to have highlights or choose a different colour or sometimes just to cover up greying hair.

Men must be aware that before the hairdresser applies any colour to their hair they must have had a patch test 24 to 48 hours before the colour is applied to make sure that do not have any allergic reaction to the colour that the colour technician/hairdresser is going to apply. And to make sure that the colour will be suitable for their hair.

Any colour applied to their hair must be done so as per the manufacturer recommendations and the colour must be left on the hair for the correct period of time and not for excessive periods of time.

Case Study: Adverse Reaction To Hair Colouring Procedure

We were consulted by a gentleman client who called into a local salon to have his hair coloured. He had not made an appointment as he was not sure he had to do so, having previously just called in a his barber without an appointment. He told the hairdressers that he had some grey hair that he wanted covering up. He was not offered any patch test or skin test. Unfortunately, he suffered a bad reaction to the product used and experienced severe swelling to his face which lasted for some time. In additional he had red patches all over his neck and face where the product had been applied. This took some time to clear up and he had to consult his General Practitioner for medication.

This Client consulted our beauty treatment legal team and we advised our Client that we were happy to accept his claim on a no win no fee basis. We obtained an admission of liability from the hairdressers and arranged for our Client to be examined. The claim was settled very quickly and our client received his compensation.

Claiming For Injuries At The Hairdresser

If you are a male client who has had a bad experienced at the hairdressers either an allergic reaction or damage to your hair, then contact one of our team at who will be happy to speak with you regarding your injuries. You can choose to speak with either of female or male lawyer who have experience in claims against hairdressers.

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