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Compensation For Negligent Eyelid Surgery

Eyelid Surgery Solicitors

Eyelid surgery or blepharoplasty is a cosmetic procedure involving the removal of skin and fat deposits around the eyelids with the aim of eradicating drooping skin which causes hoods on the upper eyelids and bags on the lower eyelids. Blepharoplasty is the second most popular cosmetic surgical procedure among both men and women in the UK today, only breast surgery for women and nose surgery for men are in higher demand. Part of the reason for this is that it is more cost-effective and less surgically intrusive than a full facelift, while achieving one of the most important effects of the latter procedure.

Eyelid surgery is usually performed for purely aesthetic reasons, to reverse natural signs of ageing, though it may also be used to achieve a functional purpose. Compared to other types of invasive cosmetic surgery, blepharoplasty has a high success rate and is relatively safe. There are however specific dangers when operating on sensitive areas surrounding the eye, as well as more general risks which apply to any cosmetic surgical procedure. Clinics and surgeons may give patients unrealistic expectations of what surgery can achieve, or simply fail to perform an operation in a reasonably competent manner causing undesired aesthetic results. Many clinics also fail to allow patients the standard 2 week 'cooling off' period, intended to allow people to take stock and properly consider the implications of surgery.

Eyelid Surgery Risks

One of the main dangers which patients face when electing to undergo cosmetic surgery is that the operation will be performed by a poorly trained or negligent surgeon. The ineffective regulation of the cosmetic surgery industry in the UK, combined with the explosion in the number of clinics offering specialist operations, has created a situation described in a recent government-funded report as 'a recipe for disaster'. Clinics and surgeons can avoid regulations laid down by the National Care Standards Commission, as registration is voluntary. A recent survey found that the majority of clinics profiled were poorly equipped, and around half had inadequate experience in performing the cosmetic procedures they offered. This situation creates a host of risks for patients. Wounds may become infected if premises are unhygienic, or if post-operative care is lacking. A person may suffer a negative reaction to anaesthetic unless a proper medical consultation has been undertaken prior to surgery, and may be similarly at risk if pre-existing medical conditions or skin and blood type abnormalities have not been identified. In the case of eyelid surgery an Ophthalmology assessment is essential to determine whether any pre-existing eye conditions render the procedure unsuitable for an individual. There is a constant risk of a patient's blood pressure falling to dangerous levels during surgery, and for this reason a resuscitation team should be on hand at all times. Surgeons should also be on alert for the development of large haematomas (blood clots) under the skin which can have serious consequences if they are not immediately dealt with.

Eyelid Surgery Operations - Surgical Errors

There are also a number of medical complications which are specific to blepharoplasty operations. If a surgeon removes too much skin from the upper eyelid a patient may be left with 'lagophthalmos', a condition where the eye will no longer fully close due to excess scar tissue. Similarly, excessive skin removal from the lower eyelid may result in 'ectropion' where the eyelid turns outwards and pulls away from eyeball. The main symptom of this condition is normally over-flowing tears, as water produced by the eyeball cannot be drained effectively. Any operation on either the upper or lower eyelid which removes too much muscle can also cause problems with closing the eye, or cause the eyelid to hang down due to lack of support (known as Ptosis or 'lazy eye'). Most of these complications will lead to undesired asymmetrical results for the patient, and are likely to require additional corrective surgery. Damages to muscles in and around the eyeball may also lead to temporary or permanent blurred vision. In a tiny percentage of cases partial or total blindness may be caused by eyelid surgery. This may be the result of a large haemorrhage which cuts of blood flow to the retina, or a surgical error which damages the optic nerve or pierces the eyeball.

Legal Rights Of Eyelid Surgery Patients

Patients undergoing eyelid surgery have a legal right to expect that the operation will be performed with reasonable care and skill. Where a clinic or surgeon has failed in this essential duty of care, a compensation claim for negligence may be brought against them. A claim may relate to medical problems caused by surgery, or to the fact that the surgeon failed to achieve the desired aesthetic or functional effect. An injured cosmetic patient may be awarded 'general' damages to reflect both physical and emotional pain and suffering, as well as 'special' damages which will cover expenses, including loss of earnings and the cost of medical treatment and/or correctional surgery. Persons injured by cosmetic procedures such as eyelid surgery are advised to seek expert legal advice from a firm like ourselves, who specialise in all types of cosmetic surgery compensation claims.

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