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Negligent Laser Treatments
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Claiming Compensation For Laser Hair Removal Burns

Laser Hair Removal Burn Claim

Laser and IPL (intense pulsed light) hair removal treatments are more effective, and last longer than alternative techniques for removing unwanted body hair. They can also achieve permanent hair reduction after multiple treatments. The laser beam blasts and penetrates the outer layers of skin, destroying the individual hair follicle (the root of each hair strand) with intense heat, and thereby slowing the rate at which it will re-grow. Laser hair removal is normally performed on the face and legs, though it can work successfully on any other area of the body.

Lasers In Use At Clinics Have The Potential To Burn The Skin

Laser hair removal treatments are to a certain extent inherently dangerous, due to the energy contained in the laser beams, and their potential to badly burn the skin. If laser equipment is of inferior quality, or the technician makes an error prior to or during the treatment, areas of skin may be burned and permanently blemished by marks and scars. The most common error is when a laser machine is set to an incorrect frequency, that is too strong for an individual’s skin type, or where the duration of the laser treatment it too long. Both mistakes can cause severe burn injuries and irreparable skin damage.

Could A Beautician Have Avoided My Laser Hair Removal Burns?

These types of injuries can be prevented if laser clinics and beauty salons evaluate clients properly, to assess their suitability for laser treatments, and to determine the laser equipment’s optimum settings, based on an individual’s skin and hair type. Apart from burning the skin, laser beams may also cause discolouration; a lightening or darkening of the skin, that may be temporary, or last for an extended period of time. The eyes may also be severely damaged if laser beams are directed near or into the retina. The skill of the technician is therefore of critical importance when deciding where to have a laser hair removal treatment carried out.

Case Study: Skin Burnt By IPL Hair Removal Treatment

Can An Unqualified Person Carry Out Laser Hair Removal?

As per the Care Standards Act 2000, practitioners are required to register with the Care Quality Commission (CQC) when Class 3b and Class 4 lasers, as well as IPL devices, are being used to remove skin tissue (invasive cosmetic procedures such as scar removal). Laser and IPL hair removal treatments are non-surgical procedures, and have been neither licensed nor regulated in the UK since changes to the law in 2010. This means that practitioners often lack the training, skills and experience to be able to carry out hair removal treatments safely, and their clients face an unacceptably high risk of being injured as a result.

In September 2014, the Association of Independent Healthcare Providers (AIHO) called on the UK Government to create an approved register of laser hair removal practitioners. This echoes similar calls in recent years from both the British Medical Laser Association (BMLA) and the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS) for new rules on the use of lasers and IPL devices for cosmetic purposes. The current system of oversight by Local Authority Environmental Health departments means that safety requirements are inconsistently applied around the country and are wholly inadequate in terms of protecting patients effectively.

I Was Hurt By A Laser Hair Removal Treatment What Should I Do?

If you have been burned by a laser hair removal treatment at a clinic or salon contact our specialist female lawyers today for free, confidential advice. Our experience in this field guarantees you the best legal opinion of your case, and the highest possible compensation settlement for your injury.

Case Study: Client Burnt By Laser Hair Removal Treatment

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