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Negligent Hairdressing Treatments
Sian Taylor is a personal injury lawyer who has been with the firm since 2001. Sian currently (2017) represents over 100 clients who have been injured due to hairdressing or beauty treatment negligence.

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Hair Dye Can Burn The Scalp And Destroy Hair Follicles

Hair Dye Injury Claim

Surveys suggest that over half of women dye their hair on a regular basis, undergoing treatments including bleaching, highlighting, tinting, recolouring and colour correction, both at home and in hair salons. Despite the popularity of hair dye treatments, it is also well-known that dyes and colouring agents contain powerful toxic chemicals, which can burn skin on the scalp, damage hair follicles, and on occasion cause far worse injuries. The range of possible dangers makes it imperative that hair salons only let qualified, experienced and competent stylists carry out hair dye treatments on their premises.

Case Study: Compensation For Hair Damage From Blonde Colouring Foils

Permanent Hair Dyes Are More Risky As They Contain PPD

The majority of permanent hair dyes (and the most effective and popular ones) contain the chemical paraphenylenediamine (PPD), a contact allergen and possible carcinogen (capable of causing cancer). PPD helps the dye penetrate hair shafts, removing the natural colour pigments known as melanin, and replacing it with the new colour. A small but significant percentage of people are however allergic to PPD, and contact with the chemical may trigger an adverse reaction. Symptoms include burning sensations and a red itchy rash on the scalp that may spread to the neck and face, as well as blisters, oozing sores, swelling and hair loss.

Case Study: Client Suffered Allergic Reaction To PPD In Hair Dye

If My Hair Stylist Did Not Mix Hair Dye Correctly Can I Claim?

Yes, especially if hair loss and skin damage have resulted due to the negligent preparation or application of the hair dye by a stylist or technician. If dyes are not mixed with the correct ratio of ingredients their toxicity may increase to dangerous levels, causing chemical burns and hair loss when applied. Dye may be left in the hair for too long, drying it out excessively and causing breakage, or may otherwise by spilled onto areas of sensitive skin. Colours in the dye may also run together leading to botched results. Such mistakes will often necessitate costly correctional treatments, that can actually increase the cumulative amount of harm done to the hair.

Case Study: Hair Loss From Bleach In Highlights Solution

Is A Salon Liable For Not Following The Manufacturer's Instructions?

Yes, hair salons should strive to reduce the risk of customers getting injured both by following hair dye manufacturers’ instructions, and by carrying out skin patch and hair strand tests on new clients, to check for the possibility of an adverse reaction, and to make sure that the colour is suitable for an individual’s hair type. Errors by hairdressers when carrying out hair dye treatments can lead to allergic reactions, hair loss, baldness, scarring, and occasionally far worse. Such injuries can also be profoundly damaging psychologically, and this will be an important factor when determining the amount of compensation due to an injured person.

Solicitors Experienced In Hair Dye Accidents

Our solicitors can advise if you have suffered an adverse reaction, or been otherwise injured, following a hair dye treatment at a salon. Because we specialise in these types of claim, you are guaranteed to receive the maximum amount of compensation and the most efficient no win no fee legal service. Contact our female lawyers today for free, confidential advice.

Case Study: Poorly Mixed Colours Ran Together Damaging Hair

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