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Nicola Perry has been a solicitor for 13 years. She has a great deal of experience in cosmetic treatment injuries. Nicola recently (January 2015) had an article on hairdressing injuries published in the specialist personal injury law journal 'PIBU'.

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Man Sues For Polly Beak Deformity

Case Study - Rhinoplasty Operation Causes Deformity

Mr A had a rhinoplasty operation, with the intention of correcting long-standing sinus problems which affected his ability to breathe properly. Unfortunately he was extremely dissatisfied with the results. During the first operation, Mr A’s surgeon removed too much bone and cartilage from the nose, causing permanent damage to its structure. Mr A developed what is known as a polly beak deformity, where excess skin settled above the tip of his nose, making it appear too full. Mr A was forced to endure a secondary rhinoplasty operation 2 months after the original operation, yet the deformity was not completely rectified, and Mr A’s nostrils now appeared to be arched, due to excessive removal of cartilage over the course of his two operations.

Our Legal Advice

Mr A got in touch with Bartletts Solicitors, after reading about our successful handling of previous rhinoplasty compensation claims against cosmetic clinics and surgeons. We wrote to the clinic in question, pointing out Mr A’s first operation should have been routine for a reasonably competent cosmetic surgeon, and should not have resulted in the complications which meant that Mr A had to undergo a second operation. This second operation had also been poorly performed, not only failing to correct Mr A’s deformity, but creating new problems in the structure of his nose. This was a complicated case, but following expert independent medical evidence the clinic admitted liability, and Mr A received £14,000 in compensation.

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