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Nicola Perry has been a solicitor for 13 years. She has a great deal of experience in beauty treatment injuries. Nicola recently had an article on hairdressing injuries published in the specialist personal injury law journal 'PIBU'.

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Claim For Infection From Fish Foot Spa Pedicure

Claim MRSA Infection

Fish spa pedicures have attracted attention in the press since they first appeared on the beauty treatment market in 2010, due mainly to the perceived shock value of a person actually choosing to have a shoal of small black Garra Rufa fish (also known as ‘doctor fish’) nibble away the hard skin on their feet. Hundreds of beauty salons and health spas now offer fish pedicures throughout the UK. The 30 minute procedure targets tough skin, claiming to leave the feet in a smoother and cleaner condition.

Fish pedicures are also believed to be particularly beneficial for those suffering from certain skin diseases, including eczema and psoriasis, due to the healing protein diathanol, found in an enzyme contained in the saliva of the Garra Rufa fish. The treatment itself is not painful or even unpleasant, with the sensation said to resemble a mild case of pins and needles.

The Dangers Of Fish Pedicures

Despite the alleged beneficial effects, fish pedicures are currently banned in many US states due to health and safety concerns. With many beauty fads, the potential dangers tend to be overlooked as a treatment is rushed to market, and particularly so when it is riding a wave of publicity and popularity, as is currently the case with fish spa pedicures. Hygiene is the critical issue for salons and spas offering the treatment to consider. The major concern of government health agencies is the possible transmission of bacterial infections, and more serious and potentially deadly diseases, such as Hepatitis C and HIV. As commercial establishments, salons and spas are responsible for cleaning and general hygiene on their premises, and may be sued if customers or employees fall ill due to their negligence in these critical areas.

Beauty Waxing & The Symptoms Of An Infection

Tanks containing up to 200 Garra Rufa fish make perfect breeding grounds for bacteria, and once bacteria is present in the water, anyone with an open wound, however tiny, will be at risk of catching an infection or disease. Most often, bacteria will enter the body from the physical contact that takes place with the Garra Rufa fish. Bacteria may also enter the body through cuts, abrasions or open pores, and for this latter reason, beauty salon clients who have had a leg waxing treatment, should not have a fish pedicure carried out for 24 hours afterwards. Bacterial infections can lead to unsightly swelling and boils breaking out on the skin. In certain cases a person may be scarred for life by the skin damage that an infection may cause.

Claiming Compensation For A Fish Pedicure Infection

Salons and spas offering fish pedicures must ensure their water is effectively filtered at all times (normally five times an hour), and that potential clients are aware of the possible dangers of bacteria being present in the water. Beauty salons and spas remain under regulated in the UK, and this can result in lapses of safe working procedures. Where this affects the overall hygiene of a premises and equipment used during treatments, a fish pedicure tank in this instance, dangerous bacteria is more likely to be present. Establishments offering fish pedicure treatments are legally responsible for the safety of their customers, and must take all reasonably measures to make sure that infections are not contracted on their premises. Compensation for negligence causing illness in this area, will be paid out under the terms of the public liability insurance policy, that all beauty salons and health spas are legally obliged to hold.

We have recently dealt with cases in which fish spa pedicure treatments have gone disastrously wrong for clients. In the resulting compensation claims we have recovered damages for pain and suffering, as well as medical and travel expenses and loss of earnings for time off work. Contact us today for free confidential legal advice from a specialist female solicitor.

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