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Legal Advice On Suing A Hairdresser

Negligent Hairdressing Treatments
Sian Taylor is a personal injury lawyer who has been with the firm since 2001. Sian currently (2017) represents over 100 clients who have been injured due to hairdressing or beauty treatment negligence.

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Taking A Hairdresser To Court For Personal Injury

Taking a hairdresser to court for personal injury should be neither stressful nor time-consuming for the claimant, despite the pain and suffering they may have gone through prior to reaching this point. Sometimes taking legal action against a hairdresser will be a person’s only remaining option, if correctional treatments have failed to repair hair damage, or if the hairdresser has failed to accept responsibility for the harm they have caused. The way to do this is by contacting the right firm of solicitors for advice, and by then signing a no win no fee agreement to begin legal action.

Common Reasons Why Hairdressers Get Taken To Court

Errors made by hairdressers will often cause physical pain, damage to hair and skin, and resulting emotional suffering from a person having had their appearance temporarily disfigured. Many women book hair treatments in advance of special occasions, like weddings, birthdays and holidays, and in such cases hair damage can be particularly traumatic. The anger and upset that injuries cause in these scenarios is what regularly prompts women to take a hairdresser to court, as both their hair, and the occasion for which a treatment was intended, may both have been effectively ruined.

What Is The Process For Taking A Hairdresser To Court?

With a no win no fee agreement there is nothing to pay up-front, and you can rest assured that you will have the best solicitors on your side when it comes to negotiating a compensation settlement with a negligent hairdresser’s insurers. The vast majority of cases are settled before they reach the court stage, and all correspondence with your solicitor can normally be carried out via post, phone and email. If necessary from either a medical or legal perspective, a free appointment with a hair and scalp specialist local to where you live can also be arranged.

Why Choose Our Firm For Taking Action Against A Hairdresser?

Because our firm handles hundreds of claims every year on behalf of women (and occasionally men) injured at hair salons, you are guaranteed to most professional and effective legal representation during the claims process. Other law firms will not have similar levels of expertise in this area of law, or experience of negotiating with hairdressers’ insurers, jeopardising your chances of of receiving a satisfactory compensation settlement. Contact our team of female specialists for free and confidential legal advice about taking a hairdresser to court.

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Sian Taylor specialises in compensation claims for injuries and accidents at hair styling salons. Contact Sian today on 0800 988 3642 for free confidential advice on the procedure for taking a hairdresser to court in the UK. She will be happy to answer common questions such as; can I take a hairdresser to court for personal injury if they damaged my hair?