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Nicola Perry has been a solicitor for 13 years. She has a great deal of experience in beauty treatment injuries. Nicola recently had an article on hairdressing injuries published in the specialist personal injury law journal 'PIBU'.

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Claiming Compensation For Tongue Piercing Infections

Tongue Piercing Infection Compensation

Inspired by celebrities including Janet Jackson, Zara Phillips, Pink and Mel B, tongue piercing continues to grow in popularity among the 16-24 year old age group. It is estimated that 50% of women within this band have piercings in parts of the body other than the earlobe, a percentage that is set to rise as body piercing services become more and more accessible. There are certain dangers inherent in body piercing, and the tongue is a particularly sensitive area on which to perform it. Infections are relatively common, and may have serious consequences if they are not treated promptly.

The British Dental Association has recently issued a warning concerning tongue piercing infections. The BDA reports that the risk of bacterial infection is dramatically heightened in the case of tongue piercing, due to the fact that the mouth naturally contains a large amount of bacteria. Any infection in the mouth or tongue may also spread rapidly to other parts of the body. Though most body piercing practitioners maintain high standards of cleanliness and client aftercare, the risk of bacteria causing a tongue piercing infection is impossible to eliminate entirely. In extreme cases bacteria in the mouth may result in an infection spreading, causing fatal blood poisoning.

Tongue Piercing - What Can Go Wrong?

Tongue piercing infections may cause swelling in the mouth, and related speech, dental and breathing problems. There is also the possibility of infected blood cells transmitting serious diseases such as Hepatitis B or C. More regularly an infected piercing will result in permanent raised (keloid) scarring on the tongue. Where infections are the result of poor hygiene, the use of unsterilized equipment, or negligent staff, tongue piercing customers may seek compensation for injury and associated losses. Injured persons should seek the advice of a specialist solicitor with experience in this relatively new area of law.

Further Symptoms Of A Tongue Piercing Infection

Swelling around the affected area is normal for a few weeks following a tongue piercing. The site of the piercing may also appear red and raw for a time. Symptoms indicating an infection include a high temperature, nausea and fever. There may also be swelling on the tongue, a sign that the wound is failing to heal due to infection. Other signs of tongue piercing infections include bad breath, pain in the affected area, and in serious cases patches of discolouration on the tongue. It is essential that people with a new tongue piercing keep the surrounding area clean, and regularly inspect the healing process. It is advisable to seek medical attention if the area of the tongue that is pierced has not healed fully within 4 weeks.

Claiming Compensation For Tongue Piercing Infections

Those offering professional tongue piercing services have a duty of care to clients to provide a safe premises, equipment and working practices. They must also register with local authorities and submit to regular health and safety inspections. It is especially important that all tongue piercing instruments are sterilized, and that a premises is properly ventilated to allow air to circulate. Practitioners must also have served a two year apprenticeship prior to practicing tongue piercing on customers.

We have recently dealt with cases in which tongue piercing procedures have gone disastrously wrong for clients. In the resulting compensation claims we have recovered damages for pain and suffering, as well as medical and travel expenses and loss of earnings for time off work. Compensation awards for pain and suffering alone may be in excess of £3,000.

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